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Welcome to Reckless Endangerment!
Who we are:
We are a group of players that like to have a good time. Our various experiences in other MMO's (WoW, EQ 1 & 2, DAoC, SWTOR, etc) have helped to shape who we are as gamers. We are working people who do the 40+ hour week, but then come home for a little R&R enjoying games.

Our Objectives:
We aspire to be a fun, relaxed place where people want to log in and enjoy WildStar. We would like to accomplish all the things that we can, and strive for excellence. While playing other MMOs, we have come to appreciate the friendship and bonds that are developed when playing any game with good people.

Are you a fit for this guild? (What we expect):
- Treat guild members and the guild tag with respect and courtesy
- Play your class to the best of your abilities
- Zero drama (we all have enough drama outside the game, please don't bring it here)
- Contribute to the guild with what you can
- 18+ years of age (due to chat and TeamSpeak conversations)

Behind the Scenes:
Guild Leader - Ilieanna
Guild Leader - Jaraxel
Guild Officer - Slayus
Guild Officer - Devious
Guild Officer/Treasurer - Guilder